Telemed Service Integrates Physician-Pharmacy-Patient Interactions

The makers of “PhoneMyDoctor,” a new telemedicine service, say it offers the ability integrate patient calls, doctor feedback, pharmacy ordering, and follow-up instructions into one documented record, using a medical practice’s existing telephone equipment.

Developed by the same-named company, PhoneMyDoctor works this way:
• A medical practice forwards its phone to the PhoneMyDoctor system.
• When a patient or a medical professional calls the practice during or after office hours, the service provides a series of prompts designed to help assess the level of need and capture key information.
• The system then notifies the physician that there is a message waiting.
• The physician, who is able to access the service from any phone, can then call in over a secure system to receive a detailed account of the call.
• After hearing the message, and without having to dial a second call, the physician can contact the patient for follow-up with a simple command.
• Physicians can also record notes for the patient’s medical record, as well as reminders and instructions for office staff.
• If the physician wants to prescribe a drug, another command during the same single call sends the prescription to the patient’s pharmacy.
• Once the call is completed, the system provides a detailed report of the call for integration into the patient’s records, which can later assist with billing.

The manufacturer, which introduced PhoneMyDoctor at the American Telemedicine Association exposition in Florida in early May, says that because the service is essentially a voicemail application, it does not require any new equipment or hardware.

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