Teen Energy Sports Drink Consumption: linked to Other Bad habits

Most studies targeting teen beverage consumption focus on sugar-laced sodas, but researchers say adolescents are also drinking many sports drinks and energy drinks, both of which had been linked to other unhealthy habits.

According to the results of a new study from Minnesota, teen consumption of sports and energy drinks can lead to more physical activity. It also has been linked to increased consumption of other sugared beverages, cigarette smoking, more time spent playing video games and social media sites.

The study data came from a population-based study Eating and Activity in Teens, which is based on surveys from 2,793 students at 20 middle and high schools located in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.

Questions included beverage patterns, breakfast frequency, moderate to vigorous physical activity, media use, sleep and smoking.

Of those studied, about one third drank sports drinks, and just under 15 percent drank energy drinks. Although sports drink consumption contributed to higher rates of activity and participation in organized sports, both energy drinks and sports drinks led to higher video game use, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and cigarette use.

“Although sports drink consumption is associated with higher moderate to physical activity, adolescents should be reminded to consume these beverages only after vigorous, prolonged activity. There is also a need for future interventions designed to reduce sports and energy drink consumption, to address the clustering of unhealthy behaviors

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