Team Effort

Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals of Princeton, New Jersey, has formed an alliance with Rite Aid Corporation to provide better care for people with diabetes who use insulin therapy. Rite Aid stores will give preferred status to insulin formulations and delivery systems produced by Novo Nordisk, according to a press release from the pharmaceutical company.

This means that Rite Aid pharmacists “will actively intervene to introduce Novo Nordisk products for insulin pen and analog users,” explains Susan Jackson of Novo Nordisk. “They will encourage the dispensing of Novo Nordisk insulin products and encourage an upgrade by vial users to Novo Nordisk insulin delivery systems.”

In addition, 150 Rite Aid pharmacists have received special training in managing insulin therapy to offer better service to people with diabetes.

Rite Aid customers will be able to participate in Keeping Well With Diabetes, Novo Nordisk’s diabetes education program, as well as in Rite Aid’s diabetes offerings and activities, which include memberships in diabetes organizations and early access to new products.

One of the Novo Nordisk products to be given preferred status is the new InDuo combination blood-glucose monitoring and insulin delivery system.

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