Team Effort Saves Time

Diabetes care teams consisting of a diabetes nurse educator and an endocrinologist can make days of difference according to research in October’s Diabetes Care.

Jill Koproski, RN, CDE, Zorayda Pretto, MD, et. al. found that about 75 percent of the patients hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes who received team-care intervention had good glucose control compared to the 46 percent in the group without team-care intervention. Health care providers considered glucose control good when nearly one third of all BG tests were between 80 and 180 mg/dl near the end of the patients stay in the hospital. After three months, 30 percent of the control group were readmitted, while only 15 percent who had team-care help went back to the hospital.

Those immediately assisted by a diabetes care team also had hospital stays an average of two days shorter than patients not helped by a diabetes care team.

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