Talking Meter Now Available

Distributed by Diagnostic Devices Inc. (DDI), of Charlotte, North Carolina, Prodigy is a talking glucose meter. According to DDI, the Prodigy line of glucose meters are all “affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use.”

DDI says the Prodigy talking meter is available through all Durable Medical Equipment providers. Patients can purchase a Prodigy talking meter for under $30.

Prodigy AutoCode calibrates itself to Prodigy test strips automatically. In addition, Prodigy Duo combines the features of the Prodigy glucose meter with an easy-to-use, audible blood pressure monitor.

“The convenience, affordable price, and superior accuracy of the Prodigy™ talking meters make them ideal for all persons with diabetes, and especially for those who are visually-impaired,” says DDI. “…The Company already has been selling meters that speak English/Spanish and English/Portuguese, and is adding English/French meters to the product line in the near future.”

Visit Diabetes Health TV to see Scott King’s interview and product demonstration.

Source: Diagnostic Devices, Inc.

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