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Diabetes Health Type 1: Sometimes I Worry That I Am Just Not That Great at Managing Diabetes

I watch all these friends with diabetes that totally own their diabetes. They appear to master it. They have gadgets and gizmos, and they know how to use them. Their lines on their blood sugar graphs look amazingly flat and …

AskNadia: Is Alzheimer Disease Type 3 Diabetes

Dear Nadia,

Any information on Type 3 Diabetes?

Michele DelP
Twitter Follower

Dear Michelle,

There is much information about Type 3 diabetes in print and online. You can expect to find several definitions. How this is defined depends on which …

Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes: We Care For Each Other

The other day a volunteer rushed up to me on the sales floor of the shop I managed and said that her fellow volunteer, who had type 2 diabetes, was dealing with low blood sugar. She knew that I live …