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AskNadia: The History of the Implantable Insulin Pump

Dear Jeff,

 I have had diabetes for 28 years and wore two different insulin pumps for a total of 8 years. I quit the insulin pump because of scarring issues that lead to insulin effectiveness issues. Now after many years,

Diabetes Health in The News Podcast: Lubiprostone Acts as Effective Constipation Treatment for Diabetes

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A new study has found that lubiprostone is an effective and safe way to treat chronic constipation in diabetes. This medication can decrease colonic transit time …

AskNadia: Is Bad Breath and Dry Mouth from My Diabetes

Dear Nadia,

Ever since I have had type 2 diabetes, I seem to have bad breath and a dry mouth. How do I know if this is from my diabetes?


Dear Sean:

Bad breath and dry mouth can be …