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Diabetes Health in The News Podcast: Doctors Make the Best Hospital Leaders

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The challenges associated with operating a hospital are complex and require extraordinary leaders to navigate them. While doctors were previously viewed as ill-prepared for these leadership roles, …

AskNadia: Is Alzheimer Disease Type 3 Diabetes

Dear Nadia,

Any information on Type 3 Diabetes?

Michele DelP
Twitter Follower

Dear Michelle,

There is much information about Type 3 diabetes in print and online. You can expect to find several definitions. How this is defined depends on which …

Diabetes Health Word Search Puzzle: Recent Research- 11/23

This word search puzzle was inspired by this week’s news and podcast reports. Play along with us to test your knowledge and comprehension on topics we post Monday-Friday.

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Diabetes Health in the News Podcast: Outsourcing to ICD-10 Vendors

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A recent report has shown that medical providers strongly rely on outsourcing HER, RCM, and other coding activities to outside vendors.

Approximately 22% of respondents outsource at …

Rural Regions Pay Doctors More Than Urban Areas

By Brenda Neugent

New research finds that doctors in rural areas such as the American West are paid more than physicians in highly competitive regions such as Boston or San Francisco.

According to the San Francisco-based startup Doximity, a networking …