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NEWSBREAK: CBS This Morning Reports on Insulin Costs, The Players, and the Lawsuit

As I wrote/reported recently, there is a lawsuit pending against the insulin companies regarding collusion on insulin pricing of late and how all parties must come together (read it here).  Today, on CBS This Morning, they report the …

NEWSBREAK: RYAN REED WINS IN DAYTONA…..Diabetes at 187 mph!!!!!

I have no voice from screaming at the TV.
Car accident after car accident.
Two involving Ryan.
But still, he kept coming back.
And kept coming back.
In a race that went into overtime….
Ryan Reed won at Daytona tonight

Good-Bye 2016….and Thank……YOU!!!!!!

Well tear the page off the calender, 2016 is history.  Much has surely happened this year and as I reflect on it, I realize that so much good happened in the year.  I know many feel differently, and that is …

Diabetes Dad: Our Diabetes Journey…….Energy Better Spent…..Why Argue????

At a recent event, I was engaged in a discussion with a couple who are ‘fairly new’ on this journey.  After a conversation on a myriad of topics the gentleman said to me, “Can I ask you something personal?”  Never …

For One Brief Moment

For one brief moment may you find the peace and solace you need to enjoy those around you.
For one brief moment, although you will never forget pain, be allowed to focus on what you DO have around you that …

Diabetes Dad: NEWSBREAK: When A Child Dies, Yes it’s Okay to Question……..Yet Again.

It seems to be, reading the posts all over social media, that a young lady, another one too young, has passed away.  From what I am reading, it seems there was a ‘kink’ in her pump tubing and insulin was …

AskNadia: Is Alzheimer Disease Type 3 Diabetes

Dear Nadia,

Any information on Type 3 Diabetes?

Michele DelP
Twitter Follower

Dear Michelle,

There is much information about Type 3 diabetes in print and online. You can expect to find several definitions. How this is defined depends on which …