Syringe Reuse May Contaminate Vial Of Regular Insulin

Teresa L. Zilka, RN, of Portland, Ore. recently conducted a study funded by Eli Lilly and Company and Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. Zilka determined that mixing NPH insulin and regular insulin and then reusing the syringe causes “statistically significant” contamination of the regular insulin.

According to Zilka’s report, “This study was undertaken as the first step in the research process to determine whether contamination of regular insulin with NPH insulin after injecting a mixed insulin dose is a possible risk of disposable insulin syringe reuse and should be considered by health care providers when establishing syringe reuse policies and when discussing the safety of syringe reuse with their clients.”

This research was presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting and Educational Program of the AADE in Boston, August 1995.

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