Syndrome X And Metformin

Syndrome X is a group of problems associated with type 2 diabetes. It includes obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipi-demia (abnormal cholesterol metabolism), macro-angiopathy, (large blood vessel disease/hardening of the arteries), and insulin resistance.

In a study conducted by C. Zoupas in Greece, it was found that metformin may be the key to treating Syndrome X. By adding metformin to insulin regimens, type 2 patients experienced improved glycemic control and reduced cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, and insulin requirements.

According to Zoupas’ report, “Metformin and insulin is the treatment of choice in type 2 patients with Syndrome X and secondary failure to oral agents (sulfonylureas).”

Editor’s note: Dr. Bernstein, of our medical advisory board, notes that incidence of stomach upset from metformin can usually be avoided by starting dosage at 250 mg/day and increasing it slowly over a period of months.

This research was presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting and Educational Program of the AADE in Boston, August 1995.

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