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Swedish Researchers Say There’s a Link Between Childhood Abuse and Later Obesity

Swedish researchers report that there may be a link between childhood abuse and the development of bad eating habits later in life that lead to obesity.

Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Solna, Sweden, undertook a meta-analysis of 23 studies that had involved a total of 112,000 subjects. They determined that participants who experienced mental and/or physical abuse as children were 34 percent more likely to become obese in adulthood.

Researchers reported a slight difference in the likelihood of abused participants becoming obese, based on the type of abuse: Physical abuse alone increased th risk by 28 percent, while emotional abuse by itself increased the risk to 36 percent. A combination of both forms of abuse led to a 45 percent risk of obesity.

More information on the study is available at “Effects of childhood abuse on adult obesity; a systematic review and meta-analysis“.


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