getSection( 908 ); $section = $subSection->getParent(); include( $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/includes/ads.php" ); include( $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/includes/description.php" ); $htmlTitle = "Diabetes Health - Sex Survey"; $htmlDescription = "Diabetes Health - " . $description; include( $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/header.php" ); $quizId = 1; $questions = array( "I have not told my partner I have diabetes", "I told my partner right away that I had diabetes", "I do not like my partner to notice anything about my diabetes", "I lower my insulin before sex", "My blood glucose stays low after sex for at least a day", "I like my partner to share in my diabetes care", "It's hard for me to relax my self-scrutiny during sex", "I wear a pump, and it's interfered with sex before", "I wear a pump and I detach my pump before sex", "I wear a pump and my pump has gotten tangled up during sex", "My partner has blamed a mood of mine on hypoglycemia", "I have had a hypoglycemic episode during sex", "Sex is just too difficult because of diabetes", "Awkwardness due to diabetes during sex is more distracting than any actual physical changes", "The physical changes due to diabetes interfere with sex more than any mental problems", "I have to take special steps before sex because of my diabetes", "I have frequent yeast infections", "I have frequent urinary tract infections", "I have vaginal dryness and use a lubricant", "I have dryness but don't use a lubricant", "I have taken Viagra for sex and it's helped", "I have taken Viagra for sex and I couldn't tell any difference", "You couldn't get me to use the Eros-CDT for anything", "I'd use the Eros-CDT if it came in the mail for free", "I'd ask my doctor about the Eros-CDT", "I've noticed numbness in my clitoral area that I attribute to diabetic neuropathy", "I use a vibrator to help me reach orgasm with my partner", "I haven't noticed a single thing about sex that's different just because I have diabetes", "When it comes to sex, having diabetes is nothing compared to menopause", "My partner has a problem with my diabetes", "Sex is harder with diabetes than without it", "I wish there were more articles about how to deal with diabetes-caused sexual problems", "I use water-based lubricants", "I use oil-based lubricants", "A partner rejected me because of diabetes", "My partner doesn't mind about my diabetes" ); if( $_POST['submit'] ) { $answers = array(); foreach( $questions as $key => $value ) { $answers[$key] = $_POST[$key]; } addQuizAnswers( $quizId, $answers, $mysqli ); } ?>

Diabetes Health Sex Survey

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The results of this survey, which is for women only, will be used in a future article about how diabetes impacts women when it comes to sex.

Please skip any of the questions that do not pertain to your situation. For example, if you do not use insulin, skip the questions that imply insulin use.

The survey is completely anonymous, and no personal data is collected. Thanks for your participation.

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