Supplement Addresses the ‘Root’ of Diabetes Problem

Insulow is an all-natural oral supplement that, according to its manufacturer, “addresses the root of the problem for diabetics and pre-diabetics: the correct balance between insulin production and glucose uptake.”

According to Glucorell, Inc., Insulow, when used separately or as a complement to traditional medicines, can reduce—or in some cases eliminate—the need for administering insulin or medications used to manage blood glucose levels.

“The formula also helps relieve oxidative stress, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia among pre-diabetics and diabetics which can cause complications in the kidneys, eyes and liver as well as peripheral neuropathy,” says Glucorell.

Insulow is available without a prescription and may be purchased at Longs Drugs, Savon Drugs, Shaws, Osco Drug and online from, and for approximately $39.99.

For more information about Insulow and research supporting the use of r-lipoic acid and biotin in the care and treatment of diabetes, log on to or call (866) 467-8569.

Source: Glucorell, Inc.

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