Sugar Happy: A Guide To Achieving Your Best Blood Sugars and Letting Go of Your Diabetes Complication Fears

Sugar Happy

Is it really as easy as what you don’t know?

Are you tired of being on an emotional roller coaster with a chronic disease that does not get a day off?

Yes-sometimes it is a simple as what you don’t know. We all have heard the quote from Francis Bacon that knowledge is power. In diabetes, this quote has never proven more accurately. The historic 1993 Diabetes in Control and Complications Trial was so conclusive, in determining that intensive control of blood sugars, dramatically decreases your probability of experiencing complications, they ended the study early.

If your diabetes self-management continue to be a concern? Is  staying up with the latest therapies and medical devices a daunting task? Are you held back by the cost of diabetes and would like some financial help with your medication and medical supplies?

If you don’t have time to add another book to your reading list, no worries, Sugar Happy will be your personal guide that can be referenced by topic only, allowing you to thumb through the sections that are most important to you today.

There is a lot of information out there and the tools that you can use to help you stay on track keep changing.

~ Let go of your diabetes fears and diagnosis- everyone has them

~ Want an easy read that helps you let go of feeling overwhelmed and burned out?

~ Do you have the desire to achieve good blood sugar levels? It’s a formula

~ Why medical devices and your medications are important and critical in helping you meet your blood sugar targets. It’s not a guessing game.

Sugar Happy will demystify all these issues and more by giving you the tools to stay on track in delaying or preventing diabetes complications.

Order you digital copy of Sugar Happy now. For a limited time only, you can have  practical guide for  99 cents.

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