Sugar Crush’ (Diabetes Dietary Supplement) Clinical Research Presented at the 37th Annual AADE Meeting

NaturEra, ( a dietary supplements emerging leader, this month announced the launch of its new Sugar Crush dietary supplements would take place at the American Association of Diabetes Educators meeting in San Antonio, Texas.  Sugar Crush research has been accepted for Poster presentation at the AADE meeting.  The full clinical research study ( shows that NaturEra’s ‘Sugar Crush’ and ‘Sugar Crush Daily’ dietary supplement formulas used in combination lower and maintain healthy blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. 

The study (a coordinated effort between American and Israeli doctors and scientists) shows that the two Sugar Crush supplements produce dramatic results for people with Type 2 diabetes within the first 10 days of use and also have great benefits for people with Type 1 diabetes.  The detailed results of the study were published as an abstract at the ADA’s 70th Scientific Sessions and then released with an Abstract Poster at the AADE meeting that brings together diabetes educators with some of the world’s leaders in diabetes research, reporting and activism.

For the nation’s 25 million people with Type 2 diabetes, and an estimated 57 million pre-diabetics, achieving healthy blood sugar levels and maintaining them is a daily battle. NaturEra’s Sugar Crush products have been designed to be a preventative measure for at-risk patients and these claims are supported by clinical research conducted in Israel and Russia.  Both studies are now available in their entirety at

“The clinical studies confirm that when using both Sugar Crush & Sugar Crush Daily together, people with type 2 diabetes see dramatic results within 10 days in helping them maintain healthy blood sugar levels. There are also benefits for people with type 1 diabetes such as fewer spikes,*” said Dr. Mishel Weshler, the lead investigator of the Israeli study and a diabetic specialist at Weshler & Weshler Clinic in Nazareth Illit, Israel. “We are truly excited about the acceptance of our work to AADE and now have this information readily available in detail with the announcement at this prestigious conference.”

“We know that there is a great need for these significant products that are 100% all natural and organic and completely effective, in the US market,” said Oren Cohen, NaturEra’s CEO. “While these products are new to the US they have been in use for several years in markets around the globe. We are proud to be able to release the complete findings at the AADE Conference knowing that only about a small percent of the hundreds of studies submitted to the organization are selected for consideration and Poster presentation.”

Sugar Crush and Sugar Crush Daily were developed by researchers in Israel and are comprised of unique and proprietary blends of herbals/botanicals known for their medicinal value. By combining the art of blending these herbal ingredients with today’s science and technology, NaturEra has created one-of-a-kind products that are clinically proven to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels*. The products are convenient to take as NaturEra recommends consuming 2.5ml of each with a 6 oz. glass of water at particular times of the day, primarily before meals and at bedtime. For best results, the two products should be used in conjunction with one another.

Sugar Crush and Sugar Crush Daily, because they are imported, are more carefully scrutinized than other dietary supplements produced domestically. All NaturEra products are produced to the highest standards and have received a “Free of Sale Certificate” from the Ministry of Health from the country of origin, further indicating they are safe for use. The “Free of Sale Certificate” indicates that a product has been in use without report of interactions with medicines or side effects. A complete listing of Sugar Crush’s ingredients is listed on the web site at  Being from Israel, the products are also certified as Kosher.  Sugar Crush and Sugar Crush Daily come neatly packaged in bottles that are measured to last approximately one month with complete usage instructions included.

NaturEra is not a source for medical advice.  NaturEra products and information provided by NaturEra online or via email are designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between you and your physician or healthcare provider.  Please contact your physician or healthcare provider for medical advice and/or specific treatment recommendations.

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