Study Finds Nasal Glucagon is Safe to Treat Hypoglycemic Events in Children

A new study completed at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare examined the effects of nasal glucagon in the treatment of hypoglycemic events in children. Researchers found that when children living with type 1 diabetes experienced moderate hypoglycemic events and received nasal glucagon, they returned to an euglycemic state within only 30 minutes.

This study analyzed 14 children with diabetes for a year. It found that those children who experienced moderate hypoglycemic events returned to a normal state within 30 minutes of receiving the nasal glucagon from their caregivers. Likewise, their mean blood glucose increased from 55.5 mg/dL to 113.7 mg/dL within only 15 minutes of receiving the spray.

Caregivers also appreciated the ease of administration with the nasal glucagon. They reported administration as “very easy” or “easy” in nearly 94% of events.

These findings were published in Pediatric Diabetes on March 22, 2018.

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