Study Connects Glucose Control to Reduced Infection Risk in Diabetes

A new study completed at St. George’s, University of London, found that people with diabetes who maintain healthy HbA1c levels can reduce their risk of hospitalization due to infection. Diabetes is known to weaken the immune system and increase infection risk, so researchers aimed to investigate how well-managed blood glucose levels might affect health outcomes.

Researchers analyzed data from 85,000 diabetic adults ages 40-89. They noted that patients with the poorest control of their blood glucose levels had nearly three times the risk of infection-related hospitalization when compared to those with good glucose control. Specifically, those with diabetes who had HbA1c levels of 97 mmol/mol or greater were at an elevated infection-related hospitalization risk compared to those who were at optimal HbA1c levels of 43-53 mmol/mol.

These findings were published in Diabetes Care on September 28, 2018.

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