Study Claims 21% Of Diabetics Hospitalized Every Year

A study of 905 patients at a private endocrinology practice in Nashville was conducted to determine hospital admission statistics among people with diabetes.

After asking their patients if they had been hospitalized at any time or for any reason during the past year, the Nashville researchers determined that the hospitalization rate was 21.1% for patients with diabetes. Hospitalization rates did not vary with type of diabetes, age, or sex. However, it was found that the type 2s taking insulin had a higher rate of hospitalization than the type 2s not taking insulin.

Of those admitted to the hospital:

  • 41% were there for reasons unrelated to diabetes,
  • 29% had vascular or neurologic complications,
  • 16% were there for an infection or ulcer on a lower limb, and
  • 14% had a metabolic problem.

The researchers hope these statistics can help reduce hospitalization rates by targeting intervention toward high-risk groups.

* * *

This information was presented at the 55th Annual ADA Meeting and Scientific Sessions in Atlanta in June 1995.

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