Strongest OTC Solution for Diabetic Neuropathy Now Available in Zostrix

A new product can be used alone or as a highly effective adjunctive therapy to complement systemic pain therapeutics to help relieve diabetic neuropathy pain.

Zostrix® Neuropathy Cream is made with topical purified natural capsaicin (0.25%) that is far stronger than any other capsaicin cream on the market. The product’s unique formulation improves the tolerance of high strength capsaicin because of its patented cream base, which includes lidocaine.

The formulation has proven effective with continued use for the treatment of localized neuropathic pain and has a low risk of systemic side effects, adverse events, and drug interactions.

Zostrix® Neuropathy, which is available in 2 ounce tubes, can be found near the diabetic testing supplies at most leading drug chains, such as Walgreens and Rite Aid, and at independent pharmacies nationwide.

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