Spray On, Insulin Users, Spray On

Oral-lyn, a new insulin spray made by Generex Biotechnology Corporation, has received the 2006 Technology Award for Innovation in the field of diabetic therapies from Frost and Sullivan, a market research company.

Oral-lyn is a liquid form of human insulin that is sprayed right into the mouth via Generex’s “Rapid Mist” device, a small hand-held aerosol applicator. Absorption occurs in the mouth without entering the lungs, so there is reportedly no need to worry about pulmonary inflammation. The insulin, which is absorbed quickly and acts rapidly, is touted as an ideal insulin to use right after meals with little risk of hypoglycemia.

Oral-lyn was launched in South American in September 2005 and thus far is not available in the United States. There is a Generex spray available here, but it’s glucose: Glucose RapidSpray, which also uses the Rapid Mist technology, delivers a shot of glucose directly into the mouth and can be picked up at retail stores across the country.

And if you’d rather chew your medicine? Generex partnered in May 2006 with a Danish manufacturer to develop a metformin chewing gum for treatment of type 2 diabetes, so that might be coming along sometime soon. For more information, visit www.Generex.com.

Source: Generex Biotechnology

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