Soy-Based Meal Plans Improve a Host of Factors in Type 2s

According to a recent study, soy-based meal replacement plans (MRs) yield greater weight loss and better blood glucose control than American Diabetes Association-recommended individualized diet plans (IDPs).

A total of 104 subjects used either an MR or IDP for 12 months. Seventy-seven of the subjects completed the Los Angeles study.

Participants in the MR group lost 4.57 percent of their body weight, while those in the IDP group lost 2.25 percent of their body weight. At six months, fasting blood glucose levels decreased to an average of 126.4 mg/dl in the MR group compared to 152.5 mg/dl in the IDP group. At 12 months, however, levels were similar for both groups.

In addition, the MR group saw A1C levels improve 0.40% compared to 0.05% in the IDP group.

Those in the MR group also reduced their use of sulfonylureas and metformin as compared to the IDP group.

—European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March 2005

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