Some Exciting Patents

In a reaction to research that shows a relationship between infant consumption of cow’s milk and the development of diabetes, Nutrition Concepts Inc. proposes a method of making milk “safe.”

The company has applied for a patent on a method of denaturing bovine serum albumin (BSA) milk products. The proposed container holds the milk product while it is heated to certain specifications, causing the milk to become denatured. Consuming denatured milk, as opposed to its unprocessed counterpart, may reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes.

New Pancreas

The University of Toledo has received a patent for a bioartificial pancreas. The device has a chamber which can contain islets. A surrounding semipermeable membrane allows the passage of small molecules like insulin, oxygen, and glucose but prevents invasion by the immune system. The device allows small capillaries to grow naturally around it and prevents blood from clotting in its lower chamber.

Insulin Update

There’s a new kind of insulin being patented by Novo Nordisk. Called Acylated Insulin, it’s genetically engineered to be different from other insulins.

Cells on the Market

In these times of incredible medical advances, it is possible to patent bio-engineered cells. The Board of Regents of the University of Texas System has applied for a patent on cells which can secrete insulin in response to glucose. These cells would be developed by “the introduction of one or more genes selected from the insulin gene, glucokinase genes, and glucose transporter gene, so as to provide an engineered cell having all three of these genes.”

Also under consideration are methods for the “large-scale production on insulin by perfusing artificial beta cells, grown in liquid culture, with glucose containing buffers.”

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