Solianis Working on Noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Patients With Diabetes

Solianis Monitoring AG is developing a groundbreaking device for the diabetes community- a noninvasive continuous glucose monitoring system that delivers reliable and consistent data. 

Most noninvasive devices so far have been able to measure glucose under controlled conditions in the lab or hospital, but have failed to address the influence of other factors of daily life, such as body temperature, microcirculation, sweat, moisture, and the thickness of different skin layers. Solianis, however, has created a multisensor system that continuously delivers information on glucose variations throughout the day. The device is being tested to finalize the design and optimize the glucose information provided.

According to the company’s website, “Solianis’ noninvasive continuous glucose monitor employs Impedance Spectroscopy to track changes in the glucose. The IS technology uses frequencies between 100 kHz and 8 GHz to measure the effect of changing glucose in blood, cells and interstitial fluid and the resulting changes in the ac and dc conductivity in both hyper- and hypoglycaemic events.”

In a number of trials, conducted in cooperation with the University Hospital Zurich since May 2006, Solianis has shown that its multisensor platform reliably tracks glucose changes in patients with diabetes as well as in healthy subjects. In these trials, the subjects have gone through glucose challenges under various conditions designed to simulate real life conditions. The latest trial involved 20 patients who wore the device for over 1,000 days during their normal day-to- day activities. Initial data show that the device performs reliably.



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