Software Upgrade Makes Control a Little More EZ

The new ezManager Plus from Animas Corporation is an upgrade from the older ezManager product, and adds the ability to download information from the Animas IR1000/1200 insulin pumps and numerous blood glucose meters. The ezManager Plus is actually two programs— one for a PDA and one that runs on Windows-based PCs. The Palm OS (PDA) application lets you count carbohydrates, calculate insulin dosages (carbohydrate dosages, too) and log meals, insulin, blood glucose and activity.

The ezManager Plus has a comprehensive food database on the PDA to help determine the carbohydrate, fat and fiber content of the meals you eat. The Windows Desktop application is designed to handle longer-term record keeping with options for additional data, trending, charting, viewing data, printing and e-mailing data to healthcare professionals. Data can be “hot-synched” from the Palm-based PDA to the Windows application, where the data will be added to or merged with data entered on the PC.

Can Someone Who Does Not Use an Insulin Pump or Who Uses a Competing Pump Use This Software?

Absolutely! You can use this software as a Desktop-only system, a PDA-only system, with or without meter download and with or without insulin pump download. You can always manually enter the data from your insulin pump into the Desktop application, too.

How Much Does All of This Cost?

Someone already using an Animas pump can purchase ezManager Plus for $99. The full retail price for non-Animas customers is $129. For downloading with IR1000 pumps you will need the IR accessory kit, which costs $159. For an IR1200 pump, the IR accessory kit is $99. To download data from your blood glucose meter, you need the cable for the meter from your meter manufacturer.

For more information, log on to, or call them at (877) 937-7867.

System Requirements

Desktop PC
Windows 2000/XP
40 MB free disk space

Palm Desktop
3.0–4.1 for MS Windows


Palm OS 3.0–5.4 Handspring Visor, Palm, Kyocera Smartphone, Sony Clie

Glucose Meters

  • Abbott (FreeStyle, Flash, Precision Xtra, Soft Tact, Precision QID)
  • Arkray (Glucoguard II)
  • Ascensia/Bayer (Breeze, DEX, Elite XL, Contour)
  • LifeScan (FastTake, InDuo, OneTouch II, OneTouch Profile, Ultra, UltraSmart, SureStep)
  • Roche (Active, Advantage, Compact, Complete)

Some tidbits of wisdom:

  • When you download your IR1000 pump, make sure it is in “suspend” mode.
  • If your PDA shares the serial port on your PC with either the meter cable or the IR download hardware, then you will need to turn off the HotSync Manager.
  • If you use more than one glucose meter, ezManager Plus will be able to merge the data from multiple meters—even if they are from different manufacturers.

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