So You Want To Start A Support Group?

It’s a big step, but it may be one you’ll be glad you took. The ADA promotes the role of support groups in diabetes care.

In a friendly setting where diabetes can be discussed openly and knowledge can be shared, the disease becomes less intimidating.

Group leaders don’t need to be certified diabetes educators, but it’s recommended that they have some training in facilitating a group. The ADA is in the early stages of developing a program to help group leaders learn to be as effective as possible. If you’re interested, the ADA would like to hear from you. Contact Cindy Bennett at the American Diabetes Association at (800) 241-4556. Or write: Support Group Program, 3783 Presidential Parkway, Suite 102, Atlanta, GA 30340.

This research was presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting and Educational Program of the AADE in Boston, August 1995.

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