Skin Creams For Lanced Fingers

Anastasia Marie Labs: Diabetic Pure Skin Therapy skin cream from Anastasia Marie Labs was specifically designed for people with diabetes, to penetrate and treat sensitive and callused fingertips. Diabetic Pure Skin Therapy contains natural therapeutic agents, including an antibacterial agent, and doesn’t interfere with blood glucose results. Diabetic Pure Skin Thera-py is alcohol free.

Can-Am Care: Just for Fingers Skin Cream with Australian tea tree oil is uniquely formulated to moisturize, soothe, and heal dry, cracked, and calloused fingers. Australian Tea Tree Oil is known worldwide as an effective antiseptic, germicide, fungicide, and anesthetic. This organic oil’s solvent nature allows the cream to penetrate quickly without any residue.

Dermal Therapy: Dermal Therapy Finger Care cream from Dermal Therapy is designed to be compatible with the needs people with diabetes and will soften and restore the lancet prick area so that it is less painful. Finger Care contains 20% Urea, a synthetic moisturizer that helps the skin absorb additional moisture.

MI Fine Skin: MI Fine Skin Cream was designed by dermatologists specifically to prevent dry skin. It contains peanut extract, a source of linoleic acid.