Skin Cream Options

U-Lactin Lotion – 8 oz for $11: “It’s available at a low price, and it combines the benefits of ten percent urea and two percent lactic acid. There are no other cremes out there with this combination. The lactic acid helps exfoliate the dead skin cells and the urea helps to hold the moisture in the skin. This is good for anyone with dry skin.” – Lea Roberts

Cal Allerderm at (800) 365-6868 for more information.

First four ingredients: urea, purified water, mineral oil, petrolatum

DiaDermal – 8 oz for $9.95: “A pharmacist and a cosmetic chemist with diabetes developed DiaDermal. This cream contains a blend of pharmaceutical and natural ingredients including urea. It also contains tea tree oil which is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal. Long known for its skin healing properties, tea tree oil moisturizes, heals and protects skin. If you have a crack, tea tree oil helps prevent problems from developing.” – Bill Vander Aarde, RPh

Call AlliDermal Laboratories Inc. (800) 735-6914 for more information.

First four ingredients: deionized water, petrolatum, mineral oil, propylene glycol

Amerigel Care Lotion – 8 oz for $14.95: “This product is formulated to provide excellent moisturizing effect on people with dry and brittle skin, particularly diabetes patients. The product’s main ingredient is natural oak extract that appears to help prevent skin breakdown and helps clear up skin rashes, particularly on the lower extremities.” – Ron Maddix

Call Amerx Health Care Corp. (800) 448-9599 for more information.

First four ingredients: carbomer 934P, glyceryl stearate/PEG-100 stearate, lanolin oil, laureth-4

Diabetic Pure Skin Therapy – 4 oz for $18.90:“Besides having diabetes myself, I’ve worked professionally with people with diabetes for 20 years. From listening to what my patients needed for their skin, I developed eight different skin care products with the help of James Gavin MD, PhD, past president of the ADA and a team of podiatrists, dermatologists and pharmacists. Our products actually aid in healing the skin because they saturate it with the nutrients that you find in healthy skin. Our cremes have the highest concentrations of natural ingredients at therapeutic levels. That is why we have 90 percent repeat orders.” – Anastasia Marie Chehak RD, LD, CDE,

Call Anastasia Marie Laboratories, Inc. (800) 542-7546 for more information.

First four ingredients: whole leaf aloe vera, jojoba oil, paraffin, octyl stearate (derived from vegetables)

Eucercin Creme – 8 oz for $10.89: “The key thing that sets us apart is the safety and purity, plus the product is effective. Our list of ingredients is very short and very safe. We’ve had the same formula for 25 years and the reported incident of irritation is extraordinarily low.” – Bob Austin

First four ingredients: triple purified water, petrolatum, mineral oil, ceresin

Bovannah – 5.5 oz for $17.50: “People Poor circulation can deprive the skin (epidermis) of the nutrients and moisture it needs to stay healthy, soft and supple. Bovannah was designed to replace the lost nutrients and vitamins by topically feeding and moisturizing the skin. What sets our product apart are the vitamins. There are eight essential vitamins (A, B5, B2, B3, H6, B, B6, D3 and E) that are scientifically known to help dry skin. You are going to see and feel results overnight. After you have conditioned your skin and changed the texture, you may only need to apply our creme once a week. It’s highly concentrated, non-greasy and quick absorbing. This creme is for the neck down.” – Mary L Wilson

Call Bovannah International, Inc. (800) 460-4299 for more information.

First four ingredients: purified water, mineral oil, beeswax, polyethylene glycol 400

Formulated For Fingers- 4 oz for $9.99: “The Australian tea tree oil found in this cream has long been recognized for it’s ability to rapidly soothe and moisturize dry, cracked, and callused skin. This cream was specifically formulated for lancet users.” – Fred Friedberg

Call Can-Am Care (800) 461-7448 for more information.

First four ingredients: purified water, sunflower seed oil, isopropyl palmitate, propylene glycol

Diabet-X Daily Prevention Therapy – 4 oz for $8: “Our product moistens, re-hydrates and rejuvenates extremely dry skin with its rich blend of urea, vitamins, aloe vera and allantoin. It also safely eliminates fungi and bacteria that cause infections because Diabet-X contains gentle antibacterial/antifungal ingredients.” – Donna McMeikan

Call FNC Medical Corporation (800) 440-2888 for more information.

First four ingredients: purified water, mineral oil, 10 percent urea, safflower oil

Diabeti-Derm Cream – 4 oz for $7.99: “This cream is specially formulated for the problem that diabetics have – dry skin. They are prone to dehydration of the skin, which is the largest organ in the body. Our skin needs re-hydration and moisturizer on a daily basis. This cream adds beautiful silkiness to the skin. I have diabetes and use this cream on my entire body – including under the eyes, and the feet. I also use it on those areas where I inject myself and it make those sites heal up better and I no longer have atrophy in those sites. This is part of my daily ritual.” A lotion is also available.

Gary April, President

Joseph Juliano, MD, Health Care Products medical consultant

Call Health Care Products (800) 899-3116 for more information.

First four ingredients: urea, silk protein, liosomes, alpha hydroxy

Mi Fine Skin Cream – 4 oz for $8: “A highly effective water-based moisture, Mi Fine Skin Cream was developed by a dermatologist 18 years ago. It’s not greasy, and contains peanut extract – a rich source of linoleic acid, essential for skin cell metabolism. Please call for free samples.” – Larry Pomerantz

Call Mi Skin, Inc. (800) 754-6066 for more information.

First four ingredients: purified water, glycerin, stearic acid, lanolin

Swedish formula – 3 oz for $7.50: “Swedish-Formula has a combination of substances including eucalyptus oil which makes the creme easy to apply and gives it a clean and refreshing effect. The creme was developed for Palco Laboratories by Swedish skin specialists to relieve dry, chapped skin.” – Colleen Pierce

Call Palco Laboratories (800) 346-4488 for more information.

First four ingredients: purified water, glycerine, cetyl alcohol, mineral oil

Zims Crack Creme – 2 oz $6.95: “It Works.” – Jay Roth

Call Perfecta Products (800) 319-2225 for more information.

Steuart’s Foot Cream – 2 oz for $9.25: “The natural oils penetrate the skin rapidly, softening calluses. The comfrey extract stimulates healing of cracks and sores. The tea tree oil provides fungicidal properties to combat athlete’s foot if present, plus it has bactericidal properties. Users will see improved skin condition within two to three days.” – Gary Steuart

Call Steuart Laboratories (507) 886-2661 for more information.

First four ingredients: comfrey extract in purified water, glycerol monostearate, glycerol, cetyl alcohol

Elta Creme – 3.8 oz jar for $7.99: “Elta Creme melts on skin contact, penetrating through several skin layers to hold moisture for hours. After twelve hours, Elta Creme is still holding 93 percent of the moisture in the skin. Used twice a day on areas of the body at risk (e.g., lower legs, feet, etc.), individuals with poor circulation and very dry skin can essentially “normalize” moisture level and skin quality, resulting in more skin comfort and less risk of wounds. Elta Creme has such strong melting and moisture retention properties because it is a blend of waterproof hydrocarbons. This also means Elta Creme spreads with no “drag” or friction on the skin and is virtually sensitivity-free.” – Dan Ryan

Call Swiss-American Products (800) 633-8872 x 1for more information.

First four ingredients: purified water, mineral oil, paraffin, PVP eicosene copolymer

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