Skin Care Products for Diabetics Now Available in Many Pharmacies

After years of searching for diabetic skin care treatments, Anastasia Marie Chehak developed a line of products called Diabetic Pure Skin Therapy¨. Chehak wanted to create a skin care system that would provide immediate relief as well as long-term therapeutic use. Chehak is a diabetes educator, registered dietitian, clinical nutritionist and a diabetic herself. In treating patients, she found that the typical over-the-counter skin creams didn’t do much to improve the condition of her patients’ skin.

With decreased blood circulation and other problems associated with diabetes, Chehak felt that natural, not synthetic ingredients, should be the basis for an effective diabetic skin care product. As a result, the creams contain 95 percent all-natural ingredients.

Diabetic Pure Skin Therapy is available nationwide at Walgreens, Kroger, Cub, Duane Reade, Drug Emporium, Pharmhouse, Fruth, Horton, Converse, and Eckerd’s stores as of October, 1997.

Consumer Choice Systems is the exclusive distributor for Diabetic Pure Skin Therapy products by Anastasia Marie Laboratories, Inc. Call (800) 479-5232 for additional information.

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