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Short Video Shows and Tells Diabetes Basics

A short animated video narrated in a woman’s reassuring tone provides a basic look at diabetes. The presentation touches on the science behind the condition and explains important terms, including “pancreas,” “glucose,” and “insulin.” It stresses the importance of regular A1C checks and taking medication if needed, while pointing out the dangers associated with not staying on top of blood sugar levels.

Still, the message is not threatening, but educational. This video is great for older kids, teens, and adults-just about anyone with diabetes. The clean graphics and simply presented,  sensible information tell it like it is, reminding anyone with the condition how to take good care of themselves and live a healthy life.  

To see the video, click on www.scriptyourfuture.org/diabetes.

The video was produced by the National Consumers League in partnership with healthcare professionals, patient communities, family caregivers, pharmacies, health insurance plans, pharmaceutical companies and associations, government agencies, and researchers.

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