Set ‘Em Up: New Insulin Pump Infusion Set Approved

SpectRx, Inc., added another tool to the insulin delivery arsenal when it received marketing approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on February 4 for its minimally invasive insulin patch infusion set for use with insulin pumps.

According to the Norcross, Georgia-based company, this brings the number of FDA clearances of SpectRx’s insulin delivery products to 19. The products were added to SpectRx’s diabetes franchise through its recent acquisition of Sterling Medivations.

Expected to be on the market by 2003, the new insulin patch infusion set is designed for use with all makes of insulin pumps. It delivers insulin through five microneedles that are less than half the length of ordinary insulin pump infusion needles. The reduced penetration, according to SpectRx, is designed to improve comfort and wearability.

“We believe that the novel design of this new groundbreaking product will provide people who use insulin pumps with a more comfortable, secure, easy to use and discreet option,” says SpectRx president and chief operating officer Keith D. Ignotz.

In addition to the insulin patch infusion set, SpectRx has received FDA clearance for soft catheter insulin pump infusion sets, an insulin pump reservoir and a multi-purpose insulin pen. The first of these products, the SimpleChoice easy and SimpleChoice quick insulin pump infusion sets, are expected to launch by the third quarter of this year.

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