SENSUS Pain Management System Now Shipping

NeuroMetrix, Inc. has begun shipping its SENSUS Pain Management System to the U.S. market, just weeks after receiving FDA clearance to do in late November.

The system sends electrical pulses through the skin to stimulate nerves and thereby relieve chronic pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. The stimulation is delivered at the press of a button from a lightweight, low-profile device worn on the upper calf. 

SENSUS joins another NeuroMetrix product aimed at treating and managing diabetic neuropathy, the NC-stat® DPNCheckTM. The device is a rapid, accurate, and quantitative point-of-care test for detecting diabetic neuropathy at an early stage.

Neuropathy affects more than 50 percent of people who have diabetes. Left untreated, it can trigger foot ulcers that later lead to amputation, cause disabling chronic pain, and increase the risk of falling in the elderly. The annual cost of diabetic neuropathies has been estimated at $14 billion in the United States.

A spokesman for the Massachusetts-based medical device company says NeuroMetrix plans to partner with a network of medical equipment suppliers who will be responsible for working with physicians, supplying product to patients, and insurance billing.

The company has additional therapeutic products in its pipeline.

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