Scott’s Column Stats

1. The current diabetes research funding system needs to be reformed.

A. I strongly agree 81%

B. I agree 19%

2. Who should the NIH be accountable to for how it spends the 325 million earmarked for diabetes research each year?

A. Fellow scientists 5%

B. People with diabetes and patient advocates 18%

C. Both 77%

3. The main focus of diabetes research should be

A. Methods for optimal glycemic control 11%

B. A cure 80%

C. Complication prevention 9%

4. Diabetes education for the general public would make diabetes research a greater national priority.

A. I agree 92%

B. I disagree 8%

5. What would you be willing to do to increase diabetes exposure?

A. Write letters 25%

B. March 6%

C. Distribute petitions 2%

D. Work the phones 7%

E. All of the above 60%

6. I would participate in a march on Washington, D.C. to support diabetes research refund reform.

A. Yes 36%

B. No 24%

C. Maybe 40%

7. The NIH should support the study of nontraditional or complimentary therapies.

A. I agree 85%

B. I disagree 15%

8. Would you be willing to learn the language of metabolism and immunology in order to work toward influencing research funding decisions?

A. Yes 92%

B. No 8%

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