Sanofi-Aventis Announces Coming Release of BGStar and iBGStar Blood Glucose Meters

Last week, sanofi-aventis announced the upcoming launch of the blood glucose meters BGStar® and iBGStarTM (developed by sanofi and its partner AgaMatrix), which should be available in early 2011.

Sanofi worked with patients to find out what mattered to them in a meter, and the  result is the BGStar®- a very compact (48 grams) device with a new technology. The meter uses Dynamic Electrochemistry®, which extracts a spectrum of information from the blood that is inaccessible to traditional electrochemical methods. It compensates for many interfering factors that can distort blood glucose results, helping to ensure reliable readings. A complex signal detects and corrects common errors to provide accurate performance.

The meter also has a large, easy-to-read backlit screen and requires only a small sample of blood for an accurate test result. Tests can be completed in as little as six seconds, and no coding eliminates the chance of inaccurate results due to miscoding. Other features include a memory that holds up to 1,865 tests; both hyper- and hypoglycemic alerts; seven programmable alarms; pre- and post-mealtime averages with graphic displays; and 14-, 30-, and 90-day averages.

Software is also a key feature when using the BGStar®. The BGStar® Diabetes Management Software  (available soon as a download) gives the ability to analyze long-term trends as well as specific, detailed information for each test. Data can be printed or emailed to share with your healthcare professional. Also offered are support services for all your diabetes questions (i.e., insulin pens, blood glucose meters, BGStar® Diabetes Management Software, and iBGStarTM Diabetes Manager App). Professional training for healthcare providers is also available.

The iBGStarTM takes this to the next level as the first blood glucose meter that seamlessly connects to the iPhone® and iPod touch® , allowing you to view and analyze accurate, reliable information in real time. Using the technology built into your iPhone® or iPod® touch and the free downloadable iBGStarTM Diabetes Manager App, you can share this information with your healthcare professional while on the go. The iBGStarTM can also be used on its own if your iPhone is not available.

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