Sam’s Club Offers Healthy Living Publication and Free Health Screenings

I’m Impressed. I have a business membership at Sam’s Club for the shop I manage and was doing some supply shopping the other day. As I walked into my local Sam’s Club I found myself staring at Bret Michaels. Okay, it was a picture of Bret on a Sam’s Club Healthy Living Made Simple magazine on a table at the front door. I can’t resist Mr. Michaels so I figured I’d pick up a free copy of the magazine and read it later at home. 

I couldn’t help but notice the piece of paper stapled to the front of the magazine. It read “Free Hearing Test.” But that wasn’t all, there were also offers of a plethora of free health screenings, including glucose/A1c, blood pressure, and body mass index at the store the very next day.  

I was even more impressed when I cracked open the Healthy Living September/October issue at home over a cup of coffee. It mentioned type 2 diabetes in one section. It mentioned type 1 in another, and if that weren’t enough to make me happy, it also mentioned gestational diabetes in another. 

You might want to hold onto your seat: It even had a part about type 1.5 diabetes, or LADA, which many publications fail to recognize. Most diabetes articles in non-diabetes publications seem to lump us all together, confusing the public on diabetes in general and not paying due attention to any of our conditions. Sometimes generalized comments about diabetes even confuse people with diabetes about their very own care!  

It didn’t stop there. It had a section on flu shots because, as we know, it’s that time of year again. It mentioned foods that promote good health. It had an article on protecting our eyes from diabetes damage. It had a meal planner for people with diabetes, and a pharmacist who lives with diabetes answer reader questions.  

From cover to cover, in addition to other health concerns, the club’s free magazine offered lots of tips to show someone cares about diabetes. Since it isn’t technically a diabetes publication, I couldn’t help but feel happy to see the editors spending time focusing on our health condition. 

Of course, the two-page spread on Bret Michaels and his family was my favorite part, but I enjoyed the fact that the public will perhaps get some much needed education on all types of diabetes and the way it affects people living with it.

You can find help for your diabetes questions by visiting and also learn about health screenings offered at the Sam’s Club in your area. I think there’s something comforting about a company that cares enough to offer health screenings and diabetes education to its community and I appreciate it speaking out about diabetes – for all of us. 

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