Roche Works for Diabetes Behavior Change/Patient Engagement

Roche Diabetes Care Announces Unique Coaching Program for Diabetes Educators as Part of Long-Term Commitment to Fight the Disease

Roche, the maker of ACCU-CHEK blood glucose monitoring systems and insulin pumps, recently announced Creative Coaching, the latest component of its Behavior Change through Patient Engagement program.  Creative Coaching is an advanced educational program that fights the growing epidemic of diabetes by improving dialog between diabetes educators and their patients.

“As the world leader in diabetes diagnostics, we truly appreciate the efforts of educators and other healthcare professionals who help their patients lead healthier lifestyles,” said Luc Vierstraete, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Roche Diabetes Care North America.  “They represent the front lines in the fight against poorly managed diabetes and its devastating effects.  These professionals are already so adept at the science of diabetes – this program helps them with the art of patient engagement.”

Recent participants in the program say they value not only the foundation of adult learning styles and coaching skills, but also the ability to interact with one another while learning how to effectively integrate ACCU-CHEK products and tools.  When the educators return to their practices, they are better prepared to apply best practices and achieve breakthroughs with their patients.

“What I appreciated most was the purpose of the weekend, which was to increase the quality of our healthcare,” said diabetes educator Linda Filipi, BSN, RN, of Laguna Hills, California.  “For us, that means how to become better educators. For [Roche], it is how to offer quality products.  The end result is the same: it means that patients live longer, healthier, and happier lives.”

Creative Coaching is just one part of the Behavior Change through Patient Engagement program.  Other elements include education to healthcare professionals on psychological barriers to self-care; direct-to-patient education that helps adults, children, and teens make self-management easier; and simple, paper-based tools that help patients discover how the actions they take every day matter.

“A worldwide strategic objective for Roche is to ‘Enable Diabetes Management,'” Vierstraete said.  “We take this very seriously. In the U.S. alone, we have invested more than $14 million in the overall campaign. By locking arms with these dedicated healthcare professionals and providing them with a forum to improve patient self-care, we feel certain this can be achieved.”        

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