Rachel Is Ready for Her Makeover

This month, we hear from Rachel, who will tell us about the processshe is going through right now.

Rachel, 55, works full time and is headdeaconess for her church. One of 10 children who all have type 2diabetes and have been overweight for years, she comes from a familyridden with diabetes and its complications.

Rachel says she has been heavy all of her life, her normal weightbeing about 220 pounds. It wasn’t until she weighed in at 236pounds at her doctor’s office that she got really concerned.

Rachel understood the relationship of weight gain to type 2. She knewshe had to lose weight for better management of her diabetes.She’d been to diabetes-management classes but couldn’t seemto put what she’d learned into action.

The Diabetes Makeover

Rachel wanted to make changes but didn’t have the strength todo so on her own. Then she received a telephone call from Becton-Dickinson. They offered her the opportunity to take part in theirDiabetes Makeover program.

She agreed, understanding she’d have to do the hard work forherself, but she’d get guidance and support from the healthcareprofessionals in the BD program.

Rachel worked with a team of healthcare providers that included aphysician, a nurse/CDE, a registered dietitian/CDE and an exercisephysiologist. Interestingly, she also met with a professional organizer.We usually think of an organizer as someone who can help us manage ourhouse, our closets or our office—but our weight? The organizer taughtRachel how to organize her everyday activities and her schedule so shehad time for her new program in her daily life.

Rachel now eats breakfast every day and takes time to make healthierfood choices. She says that eating small snacks between meals helps herto manage her hunger and keeps her from overeating at mealtimes. She nowgoes for walks and checks her blood glucose regularly. She has foundtime to take care of herself, and thus far she has lost 16 pounds.

Rachel’s Problem
“I wasn’t taking the time to care for myself. I knew what todo, but I couldn’t fit it into my life.”

Rachel’s Reason
“My whole family has diabetes. I saw my mother and sister die ofcomplications. Getting that phone call from BD made me know that this iswhat God wanted me to do.

What Was in Rachel’s Way?
“I was tired and disorganized.”

Rachel’s Method
“I worked with a team of healthcare professionals to design aprogram just for me. What helped me the most was working with aprofessional organizer who helped me put my program into practice in mydaily life.”

A Work in Progress—Rachel’s Numbers at Press Time

  Before Now
A1C 13% 10%
Total Cholesterol 220–250 140
Weight 236 221

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