Quick and Easy Snacks

Choose combinations of foods withcarbohydrates for quick energy and chooseprotein foods for sustained energy. Planhealthy snacks for your daily menu.

There are many acceptable protein andenergy bars that are convenient. However,most of them are made with processedingredients and should not be your onlysnack-food choice. Some of them containsubstantial calories, something to considerfor those who need to lose weight.

Following are some snack suggestions. Manysugar-free sweets such as ice cream andcookies should be considered a treat and arenot as healthy as the other choices below.

For foods listed above that are marked with an underline, please refer to the product label.

Is it okay to eat only two meals onweekends?

Yes, provided that you don’t overeat at those two meals. Three meals or even four small meals distributed about every four hours isusually recommended to keep energy stable andmaintain a healthy blood glucose.

The time that you wake up determines the timing ofyour meals. The earlier you start your day, the moresmall meals are needed. If you are not hungry in themorning, you can wait an hour or two, but not eatingfor longer than that is not recommended.

Try to identify why you are not hungry in the morning:Are you snacking in the evening or drinking toomuch coffee or tea? It is not necessary to have a largebreakfast or eat traditional breakfast foods. Even afew nuts is better than not having anything.

Certain diabetes medications may cause low blood glucose with a change in schedule. Ask your doctor or educator about the action of your diabetes medications.

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