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Type 1 Diabetes: Quick and Easy Does It With New Web-Based Insulin Pump App

Now people with diabetes can display data from their insulin pumps and supported blood glucose maters thanks to the t:connect diabetes management application from Tandem Diabetes that received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in February.

The app, which works with most Internet browsers and is compatible with both Macs and PCs, enables users and their healthcare providers to quickly identify important information and patterns, thereby helping fine-tune therapy and lifestyle choices for better diabetes management.

Data uploads from the t:slim pump to the t:connect app take as little as one minute and do not interrupt insulin deliver or pump recharging. Numerous popular blood glucose meters are compatible with the app, which includes color-coded graphs and interactive reports. Information can be assessed both by a dashboard and as customizable reports.

More information about the app, now available to consumers, is available at

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