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Q&A With Dr. Richard Bernstein

Do thyroid levels affect how people are able to control their diabetes?

Answer: Well, all that I know is that people who take an excessive amount of liothyronine, which is T3, can raise their blood sugars. The brand name for this medication is Cytomel, and it’s well-known that Cytomel can raise blood sugar if you take too much. So, you have to tighten your serum Free T3 levels to the middle of the normal range.
Does PCOS affect insulin resistance or hypothyroidism?

Answer: As a matter of fact, I just stumbled upon an article which states that young women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) apparently have a much higher incidence of hypothyroidism. Also, if they have PCOS, a higher incidence of insulin resistance and diabetes occur. So, these things are tied in together in some strange way.
Richard K. Bernstein, MD is one of the most knowledgeable, committed, and successful pioneers in the field of diabetes today. He invented blood sugar self-monitoring and basal/bolus insulin dosing when he was an engineer.
Dr. Bernstein is Director Emeritus of the Peripheral Vascular Disease Clinic of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY. His private medical practice in Mamaroneck, NY, specializes in treating diabetes and obesity.
He is a physician, research scientist, thriving type 1 for 67 years, and best-selling author of nine diabetes books including “Diabetes Solution,” “The Diabetes Diet,” and several e-books. This link will give you more information about his publications. To sign up for his free monthly tele-seminars, visit


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