ProtoKinetix Anti-Aging Glycopeptides Show Promise Against Diabetes

One potential avenue for the treatment for type 1 diabetes is to transplant insulin-producing islet cells into the body. The Edmonton Protocol is a method of implanting pancreatic islets into the liver for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. The protocol is named for the islet transplantation group at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, where the protocol was first devised in the late 1990s.

Transplanting islet cells from a donor requires the patient receiving the cells to be on immune-suppressing drugs so that the islets can survive and thrive. Producing islets from a set of cells taken not from a donor, but from the person with type 1 diabetes, would allow for a greater chance that the islets would survive and not be rejected by the body. Producing these new islet cells has proven to be a difficult task, unfortunately, but there is hope. Differentiating pluripotent stem cells into islet cells has been accomplished in the laboratory and may be the answer for treating or possibly curing type 1 diabetes.

Increasing the number of stem cells available to convert into pancreatic islet cells would, of course, substantially increase the number of islet cells that could then be implanted. And that’s where ProtoKinetix comes into the picture.

ProtoKinetix, Inc., is a biotechnology company that has developed and patented a family of synthetic anti-aging glycoproteins for medicine and the biotechnology industry. ProtoKinetix anti-aging glycopeptides, trademarked as AAGPsTM, have been demonstrated to enhance the health and extend the life of biologically sensitive cells that have been subjected to acute stress conditions under laboratory controlled protocols.

In a press release, ProtoKinetics stated that “independent studies done by universities and corporations have illustrated a remarkable increase in the yield of viable stem cells after cryopreservation using AAGPTM in the freeze-thaw process. AAGPsTM have shown to be stable and non-toxic.”

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