Program Teaches Florida Kids To Choose a Healthy Lifestyle in an Entertaining Way

Try Running Kids, a company whose mission is to teach children to live a healthy lifestyle through adventure-based interactive educational entertainment (edutainment) programs in the classroom, recently announced its “Journey To Fitness” series. It has launched in schools across 12 counties throughout Florida and is growing rapidly.

Try Running Kids (TRK) programs are composed of a variety of adventure-based, interactive edutainment program activities, including its famous “Journey To Fitness” video series, during which kids perform physical exercises in the classroom.  For example, Mr. Marc, the adventure guide for TRK’s Journey to Fitness series, leads students on exciting adventures around the world while teaching about fitness and nutrition.  The students follow their trusted guide step-by-step on an interactive virtual journey that emulates his every move from the safety of their classroom. Whether Mr. Marc is running from avalanches, jumping over crevasses, or being chased by wild animals, he always leads the students back to safety (although they’ve never actually left their classroom).

Self-directed personal goals, group challenges, online games, healthy recipes, fun fitness and nutrition facts, physical fitness, and school fundraising are all elements of TRK programs.

“Our program has lifelong benefits, and we are helping to solve critical problems that require immediate attention, such as childhood obesity and lack of funds in schools.  We also help schools meet their physical fitness curriculum requirement,” said Try Running Kids Executive Director Jim Taylor.  “We utilize leading video and Internet technology that integrates exercise, education, and entertainment to promote healthier lifestyles for children.  It is fun, exciting, and has enormous kid appeal,” he said.

“I can’t say enough great things about Try Running Kids,” said Double R Private School Director Kevin Dunne.  “Everyone can participate and progress at their own pace, yet the program’s group challenges encourage school spirit because everyone works together as a team.”

About Try Running Kids

Based in Lake Mary, Florida, TRK was created by leading experts in youth programs, education, and technology, all of whom are passionate about helping today’s kids and schools by promoting healthy lifestyles and giving schools the financial boost they desperately need today.  Used in schools in 12 counties throughout Florida, Try Running Kids is rapidly growing and expanding nationwide.  For more information, visit

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