When the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) hosted its convention June 30 through July 5 in Dallas, Texas, it awarded the Access Plus (A+) Award to Diagnostic Devices, Inc., makers of Prodigy® blood glucose monitoring systems. “The A+ Award program was designed to reward companies that make consumer products that are truly accessible for blind people,” said Eileen Rivera Ley, Director of Diabetes Initiatives for the NFB. The A+ Award is for products that afford the blind the same convenience and features available to everyone else and is awarded only to products and services that meet the highest standards of accessibility.

The NFB is strongly endorsing the Prodigy® Voice for all people with diabetes, especially for those who have low vision or are blind, and is calling for it to be made available in retail stores across the United States. Prodigy® meters are currently available from most mail-order distributors and upon request in major retail stores.

For more information about the Access Plus Award or the Prodigy® Voice, visit or or call Diagnostic Devices, Inc., at 1-800-366-5901.

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