Pretty in Pink: The New UltraMini Meter

Want a meter that matches your ensemble of the day? LifeScan has thevery thing. Now you can get their OneTouch UltraMini blood glucosemeter in pink, black, silver, or green.

Picking your own color, according to a color consultant featuredon the meter's website, makes you feel powerful and conveys apositive statement about you. Green, she reports, is a "sacred colorof life-sustaining vegetation."

Pink is "a happy and healthy" color; silver communicates hi-tech;and black is the power color. Get the whole set, and you can pickthe one that matches your mood of the day.

If you're feeling lucky, visit and enter to win one of10,000 free meters in the color of your choice.

A hundred of the meter winners will also get an iPod nano intheir favorite color, preloaded with educational diabetes-relatedpodcasts. Now all you need are some new shoes.

Source: LifeScan

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