Presenting PRESENT Diabetes: An Online Clinical Diabetes Conference Debuts on the Web

The world's first online clinical conference for diabetes treatment,research, and education has opened for business. On this new site,which is free, health care professionals and diabetes advocatesaround the globe may "attend" virtual lectures, network withcolleagues, and discuss cases.

Social networking is all the rage on Web sites like YouTube andFacebook, where friendships are forged and relationships builtonline. PRESENT Diabetes is a pioneering effort to bring thatweb-based social networking to medical collaboration, by simulatinga live clinical conference online.

The goal of the site, say founders Dr. Alan Sherman and Dr. MichaelShore, is to foster interdisciplinary diabetes teams amongpractitioners around the world.

PRESENT Diabetes allows members to attend live medical conferencesand view lectures by renowned diabetes educators without everleaving home. Participants earn free CME credits not only by viewinglectures, but also by participating in online discussion with peers.

Says Dr. Alan Sherman, PRESENT's CEO, "PRESENT Diabetes ispioneering the new ACCME provision to grant CME credit for timespent engaged in meaningful clinical discussion with peers. You'relearning, so why shouldn't you earn CME credit for taking part inclinical discussion?"

PRESENT Diabetes already includes over two hundred multimediastreaming video lectures, with accompanying discussions by leadingexperts on cutting edge topics in general diabetes, the diabeticfoot, cardiovascular interventions, nursing and wound care. All ofthe lectures are undergoing peer review.

Once you log on to the site, you're invited to register and createan online resume/CV, listing your fields of expertise and interest.Following those steps, you can join focus groups and brainstorm withother members on topics of mutual interest.

The discussion forums, instant messaging, Web chats and blogs areavailable 24/7/365, so that busy clinicians can visit when theirschedules allow.

The worldwide diabetes community is large and diverse, includingendocrinologists, internists, family medicine physicians,podiatrists, vascular specialists, nutritionists, pediatricians,physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, diabetes educators,pharmacists, ophthalmologists and wound care specialists.

With PRESENT Diabetes, they can collaborate in order to improvepatient outcomes and ultimately provide a better quality of life fortheir diabetic patients. To join this new and promising site, go

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