Prescriptions By Mail

Convenience! No insurance or Medicare claims! No paperwork! These are just some of the reasons that manypeople with diabetes order their medications andsupplies through the mail instead of picking themup at the pharmacy.

In addition to shipping your order right to yourdoor, many mail-order companies also includereminders for their clients so that they are notburdened with having to remember to bring in aprescription for refill.

More Specialized Than Retail Pharmacists

Joel Shpigel, RPh, and CEO of Focus Express Mail Pharmacy Inc.—a mail-order diabetes company located in Horsham, Pennsylvania—told Diabetes Health that his staff is more specialized and “disease oriented and focused” than most retail or hospital pharmacies.

“Our staff is highly educated and experiencedin the treatment of the chronically ill, especiallypeople with diabetes,” says Shpigel. “And we are well trained and experienced in dealing with insurance reimbursement. We take the burden from the patient to deal with billing, paying for medications ‘up front,’ and waiting for reimbursement.”

Douglas Kieffer, president of Marlin Medical Group of Kissimmee, Florida, says mail order is convenient for elderly people with diabetes who have trouble getting around, as well as for working individuals who never have enough hours in the day.

“It’s also confidential,” saysKieffer. “Many patients don’t care to discuss a medical problem in a retail location.”

See the Mail Order Reference Chart to see if mail order isa good option for you.

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