Pregnant Women With Good Control Have Healthy Deliveries

Pregnant women with type 1 diabetes can have healthy deliveries if they maintain a good HbA1c during early pregnancy.

Early blood glucose control was evaluated in 178 pregnant women between 1990 and 1997. The results of the study were published in the May issue of Diabetic Medicine.

HbA1c was measured at the beginning of pregnancy, and the women were divided into two groups: the better control group (those with HbA1cs less than 7.5%), and the poorer control group (those with HbA1cs greater than 7.5%). The researchers considered a normal HbA1c range to be between 3.6% and 5.8%.

It was discovered that adverse fetal outcome (i.e., spontaneous abortion, major congenital malformation and neonatal death) occurred in 44 percent of the poorer control group, but only seven percent of the better control group.

Adverse Outcome Better Control
(HbA1c less than 7.5%)
Poorer Control
(HbA1c greater than 7.5%)
Congenital Malformations 2 Percent 17 Percent
Spontaneous Abortions 3 Percent 20 Percent
All Adverse Outcomes 7 Percent 44 Percent

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