Play Is Here To Stay, Like It Or Not Exercise Is Crucial

The Diabetes Sports and Exercise Book by Claudia Graham, CDE, PhD, MPH, June Biermann and Barbara Toohey

220 pages, $25.00

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“Exercise is the fun part of diabetes therapy. Think about how much ‘fun’ it is to stick yourself with a needle or a lancet, to take pills, or to have to change your diet, possibly giving up some of your favorite foods. Compare that with an equally important-to-your-health game of tennis, or an evening of square dancing, a bike ride, a hike in the woods, a refreshing swim, or day of skiing on snow or water. Absolutely no contest!”

So begins the very practical, upbeat, and often humorous guide called The Diabetes Sports and Exercise Book: How to Play Your Way to Better Health.

June Biermann and Barbara Toohey are recognized authorities on diabetes. In Diabetes Sports, they pose questions to Claudia Graham, CDE, PhD, MPH, and explain how exercise can be as valuable as medicine or diet. They recognize that one of the hardest parts of exercise is getting started and staying motivated.

Success stories of athletes with diabetes are included to illustrate the benefits of exercise. There is a chapter for parents, and even one called “Exercise Perks for Seniors-Choosing the Age You Want to Be.” The section on exercise myths is especially interesting. Did you know that there is no truth to the notion that you have to wait an hour after a meal to go swimming? Did you know that there’s no way to spot-reduce the flab from a particular area, or that “no pain, no gain” is a fallacy?

The book offers tips about “sneaking” exercise into your life-little tricks like vigorous housework and “urban hiking.” Especially fun are stories about exercise adventures-learning to snorkel in Bora Bora, biking in Italy, walking tours of San Francisco, and the joys of sea kayaking and backpacking.

Graham provides a clear explanation of blood sugar levels, the effect exercise has on them, and strategies for adjusting insulin. Everything you need to know about exercise, adventure, and diabetes is in this book.

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