People Are Talking: Directly to You

People Are Talking is where you'll find the inspiration and truestories of people just like you.

Articles such as The Exhaustion of Chronic Illness, and After All These Years: Gerald Cleveland bring you up-close profiles of people who've surmounted thechallenges of diabetes with grace. They speak to the struggles thateveryone with diabetes must face on a daily basis, and for aninspiring boost to your day, they can't be beat.

We also have interviews with just about every celebrity withdiabetes, so if you're interested in how diabetes impacts the richand famous, go to Scrawny Boy With Type 1 Diabetes Becomes Mr. Universe and Adam Morrison, Above the Rim with Basketball and Diabetes Control.

This section also contains book reviews that help you find resourcesprecisely targeted to what you want to know. Start out at Making Book: What To Read. Foran ongoing diabetes saga, read Editor-in-Chief Scott King's personalcolumns, "My Own Injection."

For a humorous look at life withdiabetes, see our cartoons and eCards. And to read about common patient complaints, go to Top 10 Patient Gripes.

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