Patients Prefer Pens With Auditory and Sensory Confirmation

Because people with diabetes sometimessuffer from visual impairment as wellas reduced manual dexterity, Japaneseresearchers assessed the reliability of doseselection and setting of five insulin devicesby patients using auditory and sensoryconfirmation.

A total of 48 patients (30 men, 18 women)were randomized to test the following pendevices:

  • NovoPen 3 (Novo Nordisk)
  • HumaPen Ergo (Eli Lilly)
  • Humalog Pen (Eli Lilly)
  • InnoLet (Novo Nordisk), and
  • FlexPen(Novo Nordisk)

The researchers found that “Significantly more patientsdetected an auditory confirmation of dose setting whenusing the NovoPen 3 compared with the Humalog Pen,HumaPen Ergo and InnoLet.”

They add that the audible click for the FlexPen was also heardby more patients than for the Humalog Pen and HumaPenErgo.

All patients found that the FlexPen provided the mostphysical sensory confirmation. Patients reported having themost confidence about setting the correct dose with theNovoPen3 and the FlexPen. These two pens were also foundto be the most reliable for dose setting.

Sound recordings showed that the NovoPen 3 produced theloudest clicks when setting a dose.

“The clarity of the click when setting a dose on an insulindelivery device can affect the patient’s confidence inselecting the correct dose,” the researchers say.

Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics, August 2005

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